What we're about

Fighting fake Nutrition news

With so much misinformation in the world of nutrition, you basically need a degree to figure out what's true! We're here to dispel the myths and bring the truth to light using scientific research as our base.


Sharing good food

Long gone are the days of crying through a plate of kale in the name of health. We believe that:

  • A salad is worthless without good toppings

  • If it doesn't taste good, that's a good enough reason not to eat it

  • Eating well doesn't have to be complicated or time consuming

That's why all of our recipes are tasty, no-nonsense, have the fewest steps possible, and don't require crazy equipment.


Helping you reach your goals

The Dish Nutrition Newsletter is designed to be a quick reminder of steps you can take to lead a healthier life. With recipes and healthy eating tips, ideas are plentiful and excuses are minimal.

Our beginnings

A Labor of Love

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Emily Fish, RDN, CD created The Dish Nutrition to help people improve their health through realistic, sustainable lifestyle changes. Her husband, Kevin Fish, is a Graphic Designer, and has also been a big part of The Dish Nutrition. Providing a creative outlook (and amazing food photography!) The Dish would not be possible without him!

With so many conflicting recommendations, how do I know who to trust?

Created by an expert

Your personal trainer, chiropractor, or health coach may have little to no formal nutrition education, and yet, will still give (often non-evidence based) nutrition recommendations. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are THE NUTRITION EXPERTS. Without having extensive training in drug nutrient interactions, the impact of nutrition on disease states, the role of nutrition throughout the life cycle, and how to critically evaluate nutrition information sources, it is actually ILLEGAL for many to provide such nutrition recommendations. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are trained in Medical Nutrition Therapy to prevent and treat disease.

Emily became interested in seeking the truth about nutrition after an anatomy class broke down many of the nutrition norms she thought were true. She was amazed that as a young adult, she had never been taught how to feed herself properly. She quickly realized that, unfortunately, it was more common than not for many people to not learn about nutrition as a basic life skill. She made it her mission to learn about nutrition and help others learn about nutrition, and she created The Dish Nutrition to do so.